Jimoke Football

After the short practice, most of the Jimokes played an hour long game of pigskin. An offensive battle made the game go into overtime at 28-28. A defensive battle ensued, as the team of Serrano, Toper, and Burkhard defeated Wagner, Ziskin, and Cochran. Eloy Ledesma was all time offense, so he gets no accolades in the victory, although his firepower was effective on both ends. Wagner caught four touchdowns in the losing effort, two of which came off deflections from Serrano. Brent Cochran was a valuable quarterback for the losing team as he was able to place may balls “on the money”. David Toper was a quiet contributor to the winning team, grabbing some important catches, including ones that set up big touchdowns. 

Play of Game: On 1st and 10, Brent Cochran threw a 35 yd beauty to Brian Wagner who was running a post corner route. He lobbed it in the air, as John Serrano was draped all over Wagner. Yet Wagner was able to haul in an amazing one handed grab and run a few more yards downfield to the 1 yard line! 
Player of Game: John Serrano. He was able to haul in three touchdown grabs for the winning effort! His quickness could not be defended. (HONORABLE MENTION): Eloy Ledesma; he was all time offense so he couldn’t be chosen, but had a great game, except for a few mental slipups.
The game was heated throughout, as football brings out the best of the Jimokes. There was enough trash talking during the game, so you know we get competitive. On the second to the last play of the game, there was much argument with John Serrano grabbing a touchdown in bounds, which blew steam from some members on the other team, especially Wagner. The call was overturned [through instant replay], but the game was decided on the next play anyways as Ledesma ran it in from 15 yards. It’s nice to not have a controversial call decide the game. [Ed Hochuli]


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2 responses to “Jimoke Football

  1. trojanone89

    mental slipups…i.e. fumbling at the 2 haha

  2. Brian Wagner

    pulling a desean jackson BRO

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