Jimoke Ball…Again

Once again, some of the Jimokes played a little football after a big practice. An intriguing 3×3 matchup pitted Burkhard, Toper, and Ledesma versus Cochran, Serranno, and Wagner, making it a matchup of “return Jimokes” versus “rookie Jimokes”. A game that I believe matches up beautifully, showed once and for all that the rookies are an athletic bunch. The final score was 35-21, with 5 touchdown passes from Brent Cochran; 3 went to Serranno, 2 to Wagner. 

The best effort in the game came on defense, however, as the rookies were successful on two 4th down stops to win the game. We scored on all five possessions, but the vets weren’t able to salvage any points in two of their possessions, proving they didn’t have enough to combat the explosive offense of the rookies.
Player of Game: Brent Cochran; Brent threw for 5 touchdowns and over 200 yards in the air to give the rookies the victory. He also showed some mobility scrambling between defenders for a 15 yard run late in the game. 

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