Mock Week Complete

First of all, much apologies for the Jimoke blog absence. I have busy getting some school materials straightened out. (Yeah, I forget we have class, too).

But, today was a busy day for the Jimokes! This afternoon, the Trojans had a mock-game to prepare for the season. To prepare for San Jose St.
The Jimokes arrived at the Coliseum at 7am for the 12:30 kickoff and finally finished their duties near 5:00. It was truly a Jimoke-like game-day.
We had to battle the near 100-degree heat that was shadowed over the Coliseum field, and a few of us got burned somewhat badly. Danny looks more like a tomato than a Jimoke, and my face/neck got destroyed by the sun. Not good.
Tomorrow morning, the Jimokes are coming in to Heritage at 8am to distribute the travel gear for all the players and ourselves! Although an early morning after another, we are excited to get our coveted travel gear! It is something we look forward to each and every year!

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