Helmets Tonight, Awaiting Seattle!

The Jimokes welcome back tonight as the weekly “Helmet Night,” after last week’s long trip to Columbus forced us to do them on Wednesday night.

Again, it is our full intent to make sure the helmets look as “poppin” as ever. For those of you who watched the USC-Ohio State game last week on television, how did the helmets look? We always love hearing how they were, so we can improve for the next week or maintain an exceptional job.
Tomorrow, the Trojans will be on their way to Washington with a 2:15pm flight. Aside from the four Jimokes that will be traveling with the team, there a few more making their way up there!
Brent Cochran, Eloy Ledesma, Eric Ziskin, and myself are all leaving campus in the early morning to arrive in Washington by noon. We will meet up with the team and traveling Jimokes upon their arrival, including the Friday evening walk-thru.
The other four Jimokes will appreciate our help. It will make for more availability to coaches during the game, and a quicker and more efficient locker room set-up.

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