Preparing for Autzen

It was another Turnover Wednesday-themed practice for USC.

It was another windy and cold day on Howard Jones. And the Jimokes loved it! Although I am very used to the near-perfect weather that surrounds LA year round, I definitely enjoy the few days a year that bring a change of pace.

And, like all road games, articifial crowd noise and music were played for the duraiton of practice.

The crowd noise is intended for the players to get used to playing in a hostile environment–and there aren’t many more hostile than that of Autzen.

While some may be skeptical on the whole artifcial crowd nosie, I can tell you first-hand that it gets cranked up at practice. Like ear-piercing noise. So loud if in the right–or wrong–place, you can’t hear the person two feet away from you.

And, it certainly compares to Saturdays. For the Ohio State game, for instance, I made it important to realize the crowd–when zoning out the stadium and extraneous entertainment and atmosphere–sounded eerily similar to the artificial corwd noise that was played at practice non-stop the week prior.

All we can hope for is that it works again! Autzen is one of the loudest venues in the country. It won’t be easy!

Fight On!


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