Another Challenging Loss

Let it be said, we are pretty disappointed. Never did we believe a loss of this magnitude would happen to us.

We were filled with so much anticipation and excitement leading up to yesterday’s big game, but came up short-handed.

Although swallowing a loss like this is more difficult than throwing a football 80 yards, we have to keep on grinding!

There are only four games left in the regular season. But there are still four games in the season. A lot of football has yet to be played. And we need to keep our heads up and keep playing Trojan football the way we know how to!

One thing to look at on a positive note: At least, from the Jimoke perspective, we didn’t harm the play of the Trojans. It wasn’t us that contributed to a bad play or a bad series.

This was on the Trojans, not the Jimokes. Although it’s so difficult to lose, it’s a humbling experience that gives us the opportunity to appreciate the victories that much more!

Fight On Trojans! This is when a team’s true colors are shown!


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  1. wow, throw the team under the bus!

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