Fan Question: Tape on shoulder pads?

We recently received an interesting question from loyal reader, Mike.

He asked, “What type of double sided tape do they use on their pads?”

Mike is, of course, referring to the tape on the players’ shoulder pads. In between 65 and 70 players on the team have this tape on their shoulder pads. The tape is used as an adhesive for the jerseys, both for practices and games.

The point of the tape is to make it much tougher to bring down the player, as an opponent can no longer grab a jersey and bring the player down simply by hanging on. Instead, a nice form tackle is needed…although that is always preferred.

All in all, the tape is used to prevent some “lucky” tackles that could occur without its use.

But to answer the question at hand, the tape acts like a special Velcro. The adhesive side of the velcro is taped onto the pads, and the velcro side is used on the outside. The jersey gets laid on over the velcro part.

The process of putting on the jerseys takes several minutes, and involves using a sleeve that covers the shoulder pads. NOTE: It is very difficult to simply put the jersey on the Velcro-covered shoulder pads.

Here a few photos, taken by Ben Malcolmson of USCRipsIt:

A picture of a set of shoulder pads covered in the Velcro-like tape. (Courtesy of Ben Malcolmson)

A picture of myself putting on a game jersey (WR David Ausberry) over the Velcro-covered shoulder pads. (Courtesy of Ben Malcolmson)


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