Wrapping up bye week

The second and last bye week of the 2009 season is upon us. It will end early tomorrow morning.

This afternoon will be a regular Thursday practice, beginning at 4:00om. And following the practice, we will continue our weekly tradition of polishing the helmets. Although no game is this Saturday, it is till integral for us the keep our players’ helmets in excellent care.

Lastly, tomorrow (Friday) morning will be the culminating practice of the second bye week. The players are on the field tomorrow at 6:30am, meaning a 6:45am official start time for the Friday practice. Which ultimately means the Jimokes will be on the field for practice set-up at about 5:30am!

It will be early. But following the early practice, the players and Jimokes will be dismissed for the weekend. We will have the rest of Friday off, as well as both Saturday and Sunday.

The upcoming bye week is very important for all of us! It gives the players a chance to regain their health, as we have seen a lot of injuries of late. And it also gives the Jimokes ample time to catch up on any work.

It’s been a busy season, and the time off we get is very critical. Especially as finals are nearing the corner!


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