Hoping for USC-UCLA manager game

It is now USC-UCLA game week. One of the most enticing, anticpated, and exciting weeks of the year is here.

One of the greatest rivalries in sports is reconvening this Saturday night at the Coliseum. But a Division-1 football contest isn’t the only one going on.

In a tradition for many more years than I can think of, the student managers of UCLA and USC meet up to play each other in a football match during Rivalry Week.

Last year, the USC Jimokes outlasted the Bruins 14-7 with former Jimoke Joe Gibson grabbing two defensive touchdowns and emerging as a defensive stud.

We are hoping this tradition can continue this year, but we haven’t been able to get a hold of the Bruin managers. Maybe they don’t want to play us? Maybe they do?

Either way, we are desperately hoping for this matchup. And we will keep you posted on the events leading up to the contest.

Post-game picture of the 2008 Manager Bowl.

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