UCLA week underway

Earlier today, the Trojans took the field for a “Bonus Monday” practice. Rather than the usual hour-long Monday practice, the Trojans took the field in shoulder pads and went through the regular drills of a regular practice, usually found on either a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

With a rivalry of this magnitude, we are all gearing up for Saturday. But Saturday can wait for now. The days of practice are intense preparation and will be key for our success come Saturday night.

We are scheduled to have a regular practice Tuesday and Wednesday, although Thursday will be different.

Because of Thanksgiving, we will practice early in the day–at about 11am. (And yes, we still practice on Thanksgiving…)

Friday remains to be a regular Friday with an afternoon walk-thru before the team departs for the hotel that night.

Wish us luck for a safe and healthy week of practice!


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