Because of our Jimoke passion, final week of season is not easy

I can’t fathom it. The rest can’t believe it. The Jimokes just can’t get their finger around the fact that we are in the final week of the regular season.

What started with 100-degree practices in August has now become 60-degree practices under the moon–and under the lights.

And in the middle of these two distinct weeks became 11 football games. Some we lost, most we won.

But sometimes, especially with what we do, it’s not all about wining.

For the Jimokes, some time during our 40-hour work weeks and long road trips with this football team, we lose that “fan” aspect towards the team. No longer do we criticise this and that. No longer do we fill our heads with jargon from outside media.

We live USC football. To be honest, we know just about everything.

But the greatest thing we get out of being Jimokes? No question, the camaraderie.

After spending five hours per day–and twelve hours on game day–together, you are going to find out that you either like each other or dislike each other. We like to think we love each other.

And it’s true.

Sometimes spenidng 40 hours together for a week isn’t enough. We’ll hang out with each other at night, attend campus activities together, and even study together. Just when you think we can’t get enough of each other, we become even closer.

We develop a bond that isn’t like anything else. And with the understanding of this great hobby, this great passion, is nearing its end; it’s difficult to comprehend.

Today marks the last “regular” Thursday of the regular season. Meaning we are only two days away from game day against Arizona. Meaning we are only three days away of knowing our bowl bid.

Who knows where we will be playing later this month? But tonight’s result between Oregon and Oregon State will be a big indicator.

And until then, we will continue to take in what left we have of the 2009 football season. And, of course, continue to Fight On!


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