Emerald Bowl GIFTS

One of the most fun things about going through bowl week each season is the surplus of gifts the players–and Jimokes–receive.

And after four consecutive Rose Bowls, we are certainly tired of getting the same gifts each year.

By going to the Emerald Bowl this year, we knew the gifts would truly be different. We just got word from USCRipsIt with what our gift bag includes–and we are THRILLED!

  • HP Netbook laptop computer
  • Fossil watch with Emerald Bowl logo
  • Armor Gear backpack
  • Sports cap with Emerald Bowl logo
  • $335 Best Buy gift card (from the university)

The Rose Bowl usually contains a watch, backpack, hat, gift card, and some electronic-type gadget. It will certainly be fun to get new goods with the Emerald Bowl logo on it.

And the computer is a huge surprise for us! As college students, computers can really become helpful.

We are certainly not disappointed with the bowl gifts the Emerald Bowl decided to give out to us!

Now, if only we can win the bowl game! Beat the Eagles!



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2 responses to “Emerald Bowl GIFTS

  1. tim

    What, no emerald nuts?

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