Finals week runs current schedule

It is finals week around the USC campus, as well as every other university around the country. And you can certainly tell.

The libraries are packed to its capacity. The students are up later than normal. And the campus is much quieter–compared to a regular school day.

And finals run the athletics operations,  too. After completing four and a half months of football, the team–and Jimokes–get a break this week.

Because academics are so important to the student, we are given this week to prepare for the end of the semester. This year, finals run from yesterday (Dec. 9) to next Wednesday (Dec. 16). After the first three days of finals are completed, we are slated to hit the practice field again over the weekend. Both Saturday and Sunday are pegged as the first days to implement and polish skills for the Emerald Bowl on December 26.

We will then have Monday and Tuesday off again, while we pick up the practices on Wednesday afternoon–when most of the crew has completed their finals.

Once Wednesday hits, we know we are in full “Bowl mode,” as everything from that point forward is focused solely on the December 26 date with Boston College.

Coach Carroll is very intent on making sure his football players are attending class and making their grades. From USCRipsIt, here is a photo taken last spring that shows Coach Carroll going from class to class to verify his intentions:


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