Jimoke Video Series (Part 1)

Starting today, every once in a while, I will post some videos of our times as Jimokes during this season. (Probably ever couple days or so….So keep checking it out!)

These videos will range from locker room set up to polishing helmets to videos on the road. (We did travel to some amazing places this season!)

So, for my first vide to be showcased:

We took footage of this on September 3, two days before our season opener versus San Jose State. As the loyal followers know, every Thursday before each game, the Jimokes polish up the helmets–to get them looking “spiffy” for the game that weekend.

But, it is always different for the first Thursday of the season. We practice without decals on our helmets in the Spring and in Fall Camp, so there comes one day to install the decals on the helmets.

This Thursday lasts many hours–probably about three. Some of the newer Jimokes were put in charge of polishing the helmets and making them shine, while the returners were in charge of applying the decals on the helmets–which includes the Trojan decals, the USA flag, and the front/back stickers.

It’s a long process, but one that we thoroughly enjoy. It’s pretty cool too!

This video, along with the beat of The White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army, showcases that night, and the work we put into creating the Trojan helmets one of the most recognizable in the country.


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