Jimoke Video Series (Part 2)

Continuing on the Jimoke Video Series, that we initiated yesterday with this helmet video, we move on to our next stop.

Although this year’s trip up to Eugene for the USC-Oregon game didn’t end too well for us, it was yet another awesome road trip. Along with a beautiful surrounding area, the University of Oregon is situated on wonderful terrain.

And the Ducks’ stadium, known as Autzen Stadium, is rendered as one of the loudest and most intimidating in all of college football. On the Friday before this year’s game, I was fortunate enough to scale the stadium–from at all angles and all heights….Here a few of my snapshots:

And of course, along with photos, I had to take a moving picture. And when I was at the highest point–and at the 50-yard line–I then took a quick video of the then calm atmosphere. With 27 hours before the kickoff that Halloween night, the stadium was finishing up its preparations for the huge football game. And we caught it at a great time!

From this video, you can truly see how high you get in Autzen (I was right under the press boxes, which are located at the highest point). And you can’t miss the beautiful mountains and scenery just outside Autzen. This was one of my most favorite–and quickest–videos I shot this year.

It’s always cool to be in a football stadium with about ten or so people in there. That’s all. Hope you enjoy!


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