New coaches, new players, new mangers ready for Spring Ball

Spring Ball is just about here!

After months of only conditioning workouts, regular weight-lifting sessions and the few weeks of 7-on-7 throwing sessions, we are about to get back into the full pads, hear that hard-hitting action and get back to the full competition that this program is run on.

Matt Barkley throws during a 7-on-7 session this Spring

The players are ready. You can bet the coaches are finally ready. And the managers are also ready.

New head manager Eric Ziskin has been hard at work recruiting new managers. For either six or seven spots for next year’s squad (Kory Augustus is trying out for the team), we have 11 potential managers trying out right now.

Tuesday is definitely going to be an interesting day. A basically entirely new coaching staff will make practice very different for everyone, including the players and managers. The familiarity of the past years will leave us, as we start over again.

Eric and myself have done our best in building relationships with the coaches, learning their tendencies and finding out exactly what types of equipment will be needed at every drill and what time. So far, so good.

A wild month-long string of 15 practices, including Pro Day on Wednesday and three scrimmages at the Coliseum will commence on Tuesday and last until May 1.

Potential Jimoke Sean prepares for Spring Practice by learning to operate the jugs machine

It will certainly be fun. Long. And exciting.

Since our last game December 26th of last year, there hasn’t been any ‘real’ football practice. But don’t tell that to us.

We have all been hanging out with the program with all the drills and voluntary workouts going on.

Even the ‘new guys.’ Here is a picture of ‘potential Jimoke’ Sean working the jugs machine last week. Just another act of preparation for us managers getting ready for Spring Ball.

While preparations will continue to last up until the whistles blow at 3:45 Tuesday afternoon, the managers seem to have it under control so far.


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