Day 1 complete, Day 2 right here

Tuesday’s opening practice with a new coaching staff was an energetic one. But the word that defines it the best from the Jimokes’ perspective: long.

After the horn blew for the final time on Practice No. 1, I finally had the time to realize we had been running all over the place for a long time…Oh, and the fact that my legs were already sore.

During the Fall, the Jimokes stay in “football shape” throughout the entire 5-month season. But, three months after our final game of 2009, we aren’t quite up to speed with our endurance. We just have to make-do.

Unlike the scholarship players, we don’t do four 6 a.m workouts per week. Maybe we should though?

Coach Kiffin speaks to the players following Tuesday's practice (From USCRipsIt)

But regardless. Day 1 went pretty well from our perspective. Depsite breaking in 11 new, potential seasonal Jimokes and having a key offensive returner, Danny, not at practice, it went somewhat smoothly.

Which is alright for us.

Every Spring brings new challenges to the managers. Just like the team. For everyone, t’s a warm-up period for the actual season that is four months away.

Although our day went well, there are always improvements. We returners will be doing our best to lead the new guys appropriately and put them in the best places to succeed and fuel this big-time operation.

Thursday should be a similar day of structured practice, with similar drills. Coaches will be implementing new plays for the players, but that doesn’t effect us too much.

I will be back late Thursday night or Friday to post a recap of Practice No. 2.

Fight On!


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