Intensity continues to dominate Spring Ball

With Spring Ball Practice No. 4 finishing up Tuesday afternoon, we are well into the new year.

And continuing on the year’s theme of having new coaches, new players, new managers and new philosophies, practices are definitely experiencing some new changes.

And we are right in the middle of it.

This new coaching staff is more intent on supplying discipline to this year’s Trojan squad. Drills are re-run if performed sloppy. Breaks are taken to remind the players of the new-found intensity. And it seems we are becoming a better football team.

Christian Tupou goes throw defensive line pop-up bags (From USCRipsIt)

And with a whole new coaching staff, the individual position drills definitely have a different feel than the way they used to be. Special Teams coach John Baxter, for instance, is running a tight ship with his arsenal of drills. He’s getting all of us managers involved during his periods to make the most of it. And while it can be tiring, it’s part of our job.

And it is a main ingredient for a future championship team.

While the team continues to battle these 11 more practices out to finish Spring Ball, the managers will be right with them. Right behind them. And right in front of them. All at the same time.

It’s what we do. We are ready for anything and everything.

Fight On!


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One response to “Intensity continues to dominate Spring Ball

  1. TroyMan

    Thanks guys for all that you do for the team and your great attitude. You don’t get a lot of attention but we couldn’t do it without you. We owe you the world. Fight on!

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