Summer is rolling. So are the Trojans

The Jimokes have been out of school for the past month. Our 12-man staff is off traveling the world, visiting family, working great internships and much more.

Various managers have been coming down to campus during this month for USC’s annual string of summer camps.

The camps, called Camp Kiffin, are used to have high school players get coached under USC’s excellent coaches, allow local teams compete on 7 on 7 tournaments against each other and create a learning environment for little, little kids.

It’s a great experience for all of us.

The Trojan coaching staff will be busy with camps during the next week, and on to recruiting and 2010 team scouting until July.

July will be a very slow month in the football offices, with the coaches on vacation and such before the onslaught begins again.

The Trojans open Fall Camp in the first week of August and will not slow down until the season ends.

And although the season may end earlier than usual, you can expect one thing from us: to continue to Fight On!

We aren’t Trojans for nothing.


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