Back at SC. And Fall Camp 2010 begins…

The Jimokes have settled into the dorms on campus, a mere 100 yards away from Howard Jones practice field.

We all ventured back to USC on Monday, from across the world. Miami. Connecticut, Southern California, everywhere.

Upon arriving, we immediately went out to the practice field to prepare the field for the coming months. It’s definitely time for football.

And we are just about to head out to the field once more today to put on the final, finishing touches for our preparation.

Practice officially begins Wednesday, and will run through the beginning of school.

I will be blogging throughout camp, so make sure you stay tuned. Pictures, videos and words from the heart of the USC football program.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are ready for another fantastic season. We hope you can join us in our quest for a (conference) championship!

Fight On!

p.s. One of our 1st-year Jimokes, Sean Bell, has also started up in the blogging world. His blog is here, and will also talk about his experience with the program. Stay tuned!


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