Trojan Roundup

Well, it’s been a busy past couple of days with USC Football. We opened camp on Wednesday with a morning walk-thru and a three-hour practice in the afternoon. Only to follow that up with another walk-thru and three-hour practice today. It sure rings fall camp.

The sun has been out in full force, and let it be known we have a few guys with some nasty sunburns, including yours truly.

And the Jimokes have been hard at work, with all our various managerial duties. With a few (minor) exceptions, we have been near flawless. And invisible. But there is always room to improve, and with the 20-some days of camp, we will be polished by the end of it.


One of the most exciting things for the 2010-11 season is a brand new football, used for practices and games.

To get you caught up, John David Booty played with a small girth football with a red interlock SC logo. Mark Sanchez played with a large girth ball with a silver interlock SC logo. And Matt Barkley played with that same ball all last season.

Gold interlock SC football

Gold interlock SC football

But after experiencing with both types of footballs during the offseason, Barkley decided he preferred the smaller girth balls. But here comes the change.

The equipment staff decided to go retro. Six years retro.

We brought back the small girth footballs with a gold SC interlock logo. Matt Leinart used the gold ball during his time as the USC field general.

And the fresh balls look great. But most importantly, quarterback Matt Barkley likes how they feel.

As student managers, our principle duty is to maximize the potential the players can reach at practice. And making sure our footballs are picture perfect is a great example of that.


In the coming days, I will begin posting pictures, bios and an updated roster for the 2010-11 Jimoke squad. We are fired up with our new crew…and our loyal followers need to get to know them.

Stay tuned. And Fight On!


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