USC Football Picture Day

Today was the first day off of practices for the players during Fall Camp. And amazingly enough, it was the first day off in Camp I’ve had while being around the program the past three years.

And it was very important for everybody.

Players had the opportunity to rest and get healthy after five days of going hard and going long on the practice field.

Coaches had the opportunity to catch up on analyzing game and practice film, preparing for Hawaii in just a number of weeks.

The 2010 USC Trojans

The 2010 USC Trojans

The Jimokes had a chance to catch up on everything non-football. Fixing bikes, working out and beginning the move-in process to our new homes for the upcoming school year were all part of the day’s activities.

And even the torn-up grass on the fields have had a chance to recuperate and rest for a day.

But it wasn’t all play today. The afternoon was our media day. The entire team and football staff stood outside Heritage Hall for the annual team picture.

And the players then cycled through random booths, taking head shot pictures for the ESPN/ABC broadcasts and media guide/programs and also video clips for the Coliseum jumbo-tron.

And while the players did that, your Jimokes even got in on the action, with a picture of just us. Awesome.

The 2010 Student Managers ("Jimokes")

The 2010 Student Managers ("Jimokes")

Now that picture day has been taken care of, we can get back on the field and prepare for a great season. Tomorrow brings us our first official “2-a-day” with a morning practice at 8:45 and an evening practice at 6:45.

We are rolling!

By the way, we are unveiling 2010 Jimoke squad Bio No. 1 tomorrow.

Get ready!

Fight On!


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