Off to Hawaii…

The Jimokes are off to Hawaii!

And for the first time in Jimokes history, all 12 managers will be traveling with the team on a road trip. It’s something that has us all pumped up!

The Jimokes will spend Tuesday morning loading an equipment truck filled with travel bags to check on the airplane.

The Trojans will have a 2:00 practice Tuesday afternoon, before a 3:30 lunch.

And we will all depart LAX at 7:00 Tuesday night, arriving in Honolulu at about 9:30 p.m.

I still can’t believe we play a game on Thursday. It hasn’t really hit me yet. Maybe once we touch down in paradise, it will. Maybe sooner.

Either way, we Trojans are stoked to get this season underway! It’s been a long time since we’ve played a game…and we are ready!

Fight On! Beat the Rainbows!

p.s. I am not sure how the Internet will be set up in the hotels, but I will try to post as much–and as often–as I can. I downloaded a mobile app on my iPhone, so that will suffice if Internet connectivity falls through.

You can also follow me on Twitter here for constant, up-to-date updates. Matt Anzueto and Gavin Williams will also be tweeting on the trip, so follow them too!

See you in Hawaii!


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One response to “Off to Hawaii…

  1. NLM

    The Hawaii football team has not been the Rainbows for over 10 years. But anyways, as a fellow student football manager (Hawaii), I hope you have a good trip over here.

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