Domination of Cal: Back to the Good Ol’ Days

I’m still living off the excitement off Saturday’s game. It was an extraordinary performance by our Trojans. Everything seemed to click: The offense continued to roll, dialing up over 600 yards of offense, against the 6th ranked pass defense in the country. The defense played its best game of the year, as the 1st team defense allowed only three first downs. The special teams continued to dominate. Joe Houston was 7-7 on PATs, made two field goals and pooched punted down to the 8-yard line.

It was an incredible game, especially that first half. I couldn’t stop from looking back to my first year as a Jimoke: the 2008 season. That year, our defense dominated each and every team and our offense scored points like it was trendy.

It was the ultimate game for the Trojans to have to get momentum for the bye week, and a visit from No. 1 ranked Oregon in two weeks. It’s going to be incredible.

Here’s to the upward trend; to the future. And here’s to Oregon on October 30. I already can’t wait.

Fight On!

But first, please enjoy these pictures from USC-Cal:


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One response to “Domination of Cal: Back to the Good Ol’ Days

  1. Sandi

    Brian, I truly enjoy the blog and the photos. It’s great to get insights from the Jimokes. You have the ability to make us all feel like insiders.

    Thanks from one of the Trojan Faithful!

    Fight ON!

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