Electric atmosphere vs. Oregon…but no “W”

In my three years as a student manager of USC football, never have I been in the Coliseum with the atmosphere it had this past Saturday night against No. 1 Oregon.

It ranked higher than our epic match against Ohio State in 2008. No question.

I have said the first 35 minutes (1st half + first 5:00 of the 2nd) were the most exciting 35 minutes I have witnessed while working with the program. With the back and forth scoring, big plays and a rocking “RedOut” atmosphere, the Coliseum provided an unbelievable place to watch a football game.

With College GameDay on hand for our Homecoming game, as well, USC was simply buzzing.

While the excitement was all there, the Trojans couldn’t finish the job, losing to the best team in the country, 53-32. It was rough to watch our Trojans drop another game this season. I hate losing.

But that doesn’t mean USC is no longer the “USC” we have become accustomed too. Although we’re going through a rough patch now, the Trojans will be back. Bet on it.

Fight On!

Now, enjoy some behind-the-scenes photos from Saturday:


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