USC wins annual USC-UCLA Manager Game

First off all, sincere apologies for not updating the past few weeks. Finals and the end of the semester caught up with me and it was busy.

But nonetheless, we continue on.

Every year, the USC managers play the UCLA managers in a game of flag football during Rivalry Week.

As a matter of fact, we spend much of the year preparing for this game every year. After practice once or twice a week, we scrimmage against each other. Getting conditioned and developing chemistry with each other is very important.

On the Wednesday before the USC-UCLA “varsity” game, we ventured to UCLA’s practice field. We arrived to a rockin’ field, filled with a sound system, fans and about 30-40 UCLA football players. We knew this game was important.

However, we came prepared as well. We arrived in a convoy of 6 cars. Fellow students, trainers, student workers, family and 10 or so players made their way out to Westwood. It was amazing.

The game rules included:

– Flag football
– Two, thirty minute halves (running clock)
– 7 vs. 7
– 80 yard field
– 4 downs to get 20 yards
– Pass rush allowed

The pass rush slowed our offense in the first half. We only earned one first down in the first 30 minutes, and that was on the final play of the half. We had never played with a rush before, so it took some adjusting.

Defensively, we were on fire. Despite allowing one touchdown in the final minute, our line and defensive specialists all played marvelously. On the line, Eric Ziskin and Jeff Pardue held it down. Great effort.

Down 7-0 at halftime, we had some game-planning to do in the second half. We scrapped the playbook we had created the previous week. Our plan: Run a fast-paced, Oregon-like offense and ‘wing it.’ Our athletic ability and team chemistry would take us from there. We scored touchdowns on 3 of our 4 possessions: 1 pass from me to Sean Bell, and 2 to Alden Weiss. Couldn’t get any more productive than that.

Again, our defense was stellar. Gavin Williams and Wilson Palmer got interceptions and Sean Bell had about 5 or 6 pass deflections. Again, our line was stellar. On both sides of the ball. Matt Anzueto and Asad Sayed were also big contributors to that.

Our final drive was really epic. We got the ball back with 10:00 trailing in the game after the Palmer interception, leading 14-7.We held the ball for the next 9 minutes, going 3-for-3 on 4th down conversions and ended with a game-clinching 15-yard touchdown pass to Weiss. UCLA got the ball back with 1:00 minute to go, trailing by two touchdowns. It was over.

It was an emotional game; so fun. So great to see this team come back and get a win, especially after an ugly 1st half. The victory extended our winning streak to three games.

Before we make it four-in-a-row, check out some pictures below:


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