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USC wins annual USC-UCLA Manager Game

First off all, sincere apologies for not updating the past few weeks. Finals and the end of the semester caught up with me and it was busy.

But nonetheless, we continue on.

Every year, the USC managers play the UCLA managers in a game of flag football during Rivalry Week.

As a matter of fact, we spend much of the year preparing for this game every year. After practice once or twice a week, we scrimmage against each other. Getting conditioned and developing chemistry with each other is very important.

On the Wednesday before the USC-UCLA “varsity” game, we ventured to UCLA’s practice field. We arrived to a rockin’ field, filled with a sound system, fans and about 30-40 UCLA football players. We knew this game was important.

However, we came prepared as well. We arrived in a convoy of 6 cars. Fellow students, trainers, student workers, family and 10 or so players made their way out to Westwood. It was amazing.

The game rules included:

– Flag football
– Two, thirty minute halves (running clock)
– 7 vs. 7
– 80 yard field
– 4 downs to get 20 yards
– Pass rush allowed

The pass rush slowed our offense in the first half. We only earned one first down in the first 30 minutes, and that was on the final play of the half. We had never played with a rush before, so it took some adjusting.

Defensively, we were on fire. Despite allowing one touchdown in the final minute, our line and defensive specialists all played marvelously. On the line, Eric Ziskin and Jeff Pardue held it down. Great effort.

Down 7-0 at halftime, we had some game-planning to do in the second half. We scrapped the playbook we had created the previous week. Our plan: Run a fast-paced, Oregon-like offense and ‘wing it.’ Our athletic ability and team chemistry would take us from there. We scored touchdowns on 3 of our 4 possessions: 1 pass from me to Sean Bell, and 2 to Alden Weiss. Couldn’t get any more productive than that.

Again, our defense was stellar. Gavin Williams and Wilson Palmer got interceptions and Sean Bell had about 5 or 6 pass deflections. Again, our line was stellar. On both sides of the ball. Matt Anzueto and Asad Sayed were also big contributors to that.

Our final drive was really epic. We got the ball back with 10:00 trailing in the game after the Palmer interception, leading 14-7.We held the ball for the next 9 minutes, going 3-for-3 on 4th down conversions and ended with a game-clinching 15-yard touchdown pass to Weiss. UCLA got the ball back with 1:00 minute to go, trailing by two touchdowns. It was over.

It was an emotional game; so fun. So great to see this team come back and get a win, especially after an ugly 1st half. The victory extended our winning streak to three games.

Before we make it four-in-a-row, check out some pictures below:


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No posts and two losses

First of all, I’m sorry it’s been so long since I have last posted. I didn’t have a camera during our victory in Washington State, so I failed to have visual media of the game. For cool pictures from that game, check out Sean Bell’s blog.

I also recently had a death in my family, which caused me to miss the USC-Washington game last week. While it was obviously appropriate to skip the game, it felt weird. I had gone to 27 consecutive USC football games prior to last week. Well, guess I’m back at one. If you’d like to see a recap of last week’s loss, check out Sean’s blog again. He’s been covering for me the past couple weeks. And, of course, does an excellent job!

But, now on to this week. As you know, it turned out to be another heart-breaker for the Trojans. Who would’ve thought the rarity of losing on a game-winning field goal as time expires would happen two times in a row! Man, it is truly tough to walk off the field after something like that. But all in all, it was an incredible game (from a spectator standpoint). The predicted offensive shootout played to be just that, with two of the nation’s best QBs (Stanford’s Andrew Luck and USC’s Matt Barkley) battling it out until the clock read 0:00. True freshman wide receiver Robert Woods also had a career game (12 catches, 224 yards, 3 TDs).

USC’s offense continued to roll, piling up yards and putting up points. But, again, it was the defense that allowed another last second drive to allow the other team put up points in the final moments. Tough, indeed.

All in all, however, it was a great weekend up in Stanford. I enjoy the beautiful campus and the thousands of USC fans coming up for the “Weekender,” as USC students dub the yearly trip to the Bay Area.

While we have lost two games in a row, our focus has already turned to Cal. We’re ready to Beat the Bears come Saturday!

Fight On!

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Hawaiian Conquest

After spending four days in Hawaii, the team and Jimokes are back to reality in Los Angeles.

The trip (err, vacation) was incredible. We had a couple hours a day to spend around the resort, located right on the beach. My hotel balcony was overlooking the Pacific Ocean. With beautiful skies and fresh blue water, the sights were amazing. And pictures can’t do it justice.

When it was all said and done, we also had a football game. Our locker room setup was great. We made the helmets “pop” and the locker room shine! One of the greatest things we Jimokes get to look forward to is the weekly locker room setup. It’s our time to show-off our abilities.  It’s our “game.”

It was hot–and humid–on the field, with the turf field absorbing a lot of heat. But it was offset by nice rainbows that creeped up over the stadium from time to time.

I want you to know, that I am so happy to be back in the season. With games every week for the next three months, it’s going to be an awesome ride.

We have Virginia in six days! Fight On!

For pictures from this past week, enjoy these:

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Off to Hawaii…

The Jimokes are off to Hawaii!

And for the first time in Jimokes history, all 12 managers will be traveling with the team on a road trip. It’s something that has us all pumped up!

The Jimokes will spend Tuesday morning loading an equipment truck filled with travel bags to check on the airplane.

The Trojans will have a 2:00 practice Tuesday afternoon, before a 3:30 lunch.

And we will all depart LAX at 7:00 Tuesday night, arriving in Honolulu at about 9:30 p.m.

I still can’t believe we play a game on Thursday. It hasn’t really hit me yet. Maybe once we touch down in paradise, it will. Maybe sooner.

Either way, we Trojans are stoked to get this season underway! It’s been a long time since we’ve played a game…and we are ready!

Fight On! Beat the Rainbows!

p.s. I am not sure how the Internet will be set up in the hotels, but I will try to post as much–and as often–as I can. I downloaded a mobile app on my iPhone, so that will suffice if Internet connectivity falls through.

You can also follow me on Twitter here for constant, up-to-date updates. Matt Anzueto and Gavin Williams will also be tweeting on the trip, so follow them too!

See you in Hawaii!

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USC Football Picture Day

Today was the first day off of practices for the players during Fall Camp. And amazingly enough, it was the first day off in Camp I’ve had while being around the program the past three years.

And it was very important for everybody.

Players had the opportunity to rest and get healthy after five days of going hard and going long on the practice field.

Coaches had the opportunity to catch up on analyzing game and practice film, preparing for Hawaii in just a number of weeks.

The 2010 USC Trojans

The 2010 USC Trojans

The Jimokes had a chance to catch up on everything non-football. Fixing bikes, working out and beginning the move-in process to our new homes for the upcoming school year were all part of the day’s activities.

And even the torn-up grass on the fields have had a chance to recuperate and rest for a day.

But it wasn’t all play today. The afternoon was our media day. The entire team and football staff stood outside Heritage Hall for the annual team picture.

And the players then cycled through random booths, taking head shot pictures for the ESPN/ABC broadcasts and media guide/programs and also video clips for the Coliseum jumbo-tron.

And while the players did that, your Jimokes even got in on the action, with a picture of just us. Awesome.

The 2010 Student Managers ("Jimokes")

The 2010 Student Managers ("Jimokes")

Now that picture day has been taken care of, we can get back on the field and prepare for a great season. Tomorrow brings us our first official “2-a-day” with a morning practice at 8:45 and an evening practice at 6:45.

We are rolling!

By the way, we are unveiling 2010 Jimoke squad Bio No. 1 tomorrow.

Get ready!

Fight On!

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Spring Ball going quickly…

Wow, life sure goes by quickly with football running your life. I guess it’s true when they say, “Life goes by fast when you’re having fun.”

Well, we are already at our 12th practice–of 15–today. Today brings another short practice combined with a decently-sized scrimmage.

The past two scrimmages have provided some memorable moments. Two weeks ago, Da’John Harris stripped Mitch Mustain and hustled 55 yards down the field. And then Dillon Baxter weaved his way into the endzone, creating a YouTube sensation and ringing up memories of Reggie Bush against Fresno State. By the way, that YouTube video is nearly up to two million hits.

And last week, we heard–not saw–of a Kyle Prater one-handed grab and run for a 40-yard score. (NOTE: we saw the play, but no video was posted…and yes, it was magical)

What will today’s scrimmage bring? Who knows, but one thing is for sure.

Tailback Allen Bradford doing the "stiff arm"

The Trojans are coming out for every play during every drill at every practice this Spring.

Following today’s practice, there will be two more “regular” two-and-a-half-hour practices and the annual Trojan Huddle on May 1.

It’s an exciting time to be a Trojan. (Other than the fact no Trojans were selected in the 1st round of the NFL Drat.)

But that’s a story for another time.

You can follow Brian Wagner on Twitter.

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Emerald Bowl GIFTS

One of the most fun things about going through bowl week each season is the surplus of gifts the players–and Jimokes–receive.

And after four consecutive Rose Bowls, we are certainly tired of getting the same gifts each year.

By going to the Emerald Bowl this year, we knew the gifts would truly be different. We just got word from USCRipsIt with what our gift bag includes–and we are THRILLED!

  • HP Netbook laptop computer
  • Fossil watch with Emerald Bowl logo
  • Armor Gear backpack
  • Sports cap with Emerald Bowl logo
  • $335 Best Buy gift card (from the university)

The Rose Bowl usually contains a watch, backpack, hat, gift card, and some electronic-type gadget. It will certainly be fun to get new goods with the Emerald Bowl logo on it.

And the computer is a huge surprise for us! As college students, computers can really become helpful.

We are certainly not disappointed with the bowl gifts the Emerald Bowl decided to give out to us!

Now, if only we can win the bowl game! Beat the Eagles!


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