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Photos from USC-Oregon State

Check out these great photos from USC’s victory against Oregon State last weekend: (all photos taken by Brian Wagner)


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It’s “The Day Before”

It’s Friday. Tomorrow is Game Day! That only means one thing: Today is The Day Before.

The game that is.

Last night, the Jimokes spent a couple hours polishing the helmets to begin game preparations.

This morning, all of the Jimokes came in and began putting on the game jerseys on the players’ shoulder pads.

And this afternoon, we will load the equipment truck of trunks and players’ bags, as well having a few people assisting with the 4:15 walk-thru.

You can feel the atmosphere getting more hyped now that it is Friday. There is nothing else like it. Especially when we are returning home!

Just 27 and-a-half hours until kickoff!

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Cool Video

We got a great video for you guys. During last Friday’s walk-thru, I snuck up to the top of Notre Dame Stadium.

On one side, you get Touchdown Jesus, the Cathedral, and the Golden Dome.

On the other, a near-empty, historic Notre Dame Stadium.

Like I have said many times, Notre Dame–full of tradition and history–is a great place to watch football. And it didn’t leave us disappointed. For those of us who made the trip, we know how amazing the whole experience really was!

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