2010 Jimoke Roster

This is the official list of the 12 student managers for USC Football. We like to call them “Jimokes.” By clicking on any of these names, you can access their official bios.

Now you feel that much more in tune with some of the most unseen members of the program!

Head – Eric Ziskin (3)

Senior – Brian Wagner (3)

Senior – Matt Anzueto (2)

Senior – Jeff Pardue (1)

Senior – Cody Kelly (1)

Senior – Asad Sayed (1)

Junior – Jason Ellenberg (2)

Junior – Danny Palkovic (2)

Junior  – Gavin Williams (2)

Junior – Alden Weiss (1)

Sophomore – Sean Bell (1)

Sophomore – Wilson Palmer (1)


4 responses to “2010 Jimoke Roster

  1. John Kim


    it was nice meeting you all a couple days ago next to the track field. i’m john, the asian usc student who inquired about possibly trying out for usc jimokes… hopefully i’ll see you at tryouts this spring!


    • Brian Wagner

      Hi John,

      If you could give me an email that would be great. We would be most interested in getting in contact with you about the position.



  2. Sandi Fitch Hutton

    Brian, have a great time this spring! Treasure these days! Wish I could be there for the Spring game, but alas, life in the NJ precludes me from doing so.

    Fight ON!


  3. Bill Poffenroth

    Hey Sean do you know if you are flying into Pullman or Spokane when you play Wazoo?

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