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Cool Video

We got a great video for you guys. During last Friday’s walk-thru, I snuck up to the top of Notre Dame Stadium.

On one side, you get Touchdown Jesus, the Cathedral, and the Golden Dome.

On the other, a near-empty, historic Notre Dame Stadium.

Like I have said many times, Notre Dame–full of tradition and history–is a great place to watch football. And it didn’t leave us disappointed. For those of us who made the trip, we know how amazing the whole experience really was!

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Gearing up for Notre Dame

Well, after the bye-week, we are back to the daily grind. Today is Monday. That means the start of game week is here.

And this is Notre Dame week! There is just something special around that program that gets us a little juiced up for this week!

We are set for our regular week of practices, but leaving a day early, because it’s a far-away, non-conference game. Our departure for South Bend is set for sometime on Thursday afternoon.

And we can’t wait! Beat the Fighting Irish!

And we all remember a little taste of great South Bend. From 4 years ago. This picture may give you guys a hint:

"Bush Push" in 2005

"Bush Push" in 2005

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