About the Jimokes…

The Jimokes blog centers around 12 individausls. We are the student managers for the USC Football team. Or, as we like to call ourselves, “JIMOKES!”

Much of our duties go unseen. We are probably the least recognizable figures on the entire staff of the program.

But we are also probably some of the most hardworking. We put in 35-40 hour work-weeks during the school year, on top of a full coarse load. And we don’t get paid.

You could call us die-hard fans. But that wouldn’t suffice. That would be a complete understatment.

All 12 of us believe this is the greatest experience a college student could have. The prestige and tradition of the program is one thing. The friendships and learning experiences are more.

My name is Brian Wagner. I have been running the Jimokes blog since its creation in September of 2008, my first season as a Jimoke.

So, come along and follow the Jimoke blog! You will gain incredible access into the program and learn so many things you haven’t even thought of before! Trust me, we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into…

Fight On!


One response to “About the Jimokes…

  1. Looking forward to reading more!

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