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Bye week…See you next week

This weekend is the lone bye weekend for the Trojans for the entire season.

And all this week–while preparing for the No. 1 Oregon Ducks–the Trojans have been practicing at 6 a.m.; meaning your Jimokes have been at work at 5 a.m. Early mornings, to say the least.

And after last week’s victory against Cal, the team gets this Sunday off, as well.

We will be back with the team on Monday, getting ready for the biggest week of the season. The best team in the country is coming to the Coliseum! If you’re going to the game, make sure you wear Cardinal for the Red Out!

Fight On!


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Off to Hawaii…

The Jimokes are off to Hawaii!

And for the first time in Jimokes history, all 12 managers will be traveling with the team on a road trip. It’s something that has us all pumped up!

The Jimokes will spend Tuesday morning loading an equipment truck filled with travel bags to check on the airplane.

The Trojans will have a 2:00 practice Tuesday afternoon, before a 3:30 lunch.

And we will all depart LAX at 7:00 Tuesday night, arriving in Honolulu at about 9:30 p.m.

I still can’t believe we play a game on Thursday. It hasn’t really hit me yet. Maybe once we touch down in paradise, it will. Maybe sooner.

Either way, we Trojans are stoked to get this season underway! It’s been a long time since we’ve played a game…and we are ready!

Fight On! Beat the Rainbows!

p.s. I am not sure how the Internet will be set up in the hotels, but I will try to post as much–and as often–as I can. I downloaded a mobile app on my iPhone, so that will suffice if Internet connectivity falls through.

You can also follow me on Twitter here for constant, up-to-date updates. Matt Anzueto and Gavin Williams will also be tweeting on the trip, so follow them too!

See you in Hawaii!

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Bios Coming Soon

I sincerely apologize to those awaiting our bios. We moved out of the dorms and into our new apartments last week. And my new apartment has no Internet access…yet.

I just found a way to post via my iPhone, so that is my source right now.

Internet should be finding my room in the coming days, so please stay tuned.

In other news, there are just a few days left of practices until school begins and game preparation officially begins.

Preseason Game No. 3 is on Saturday and an intrasquad scrimmage at the Coliseum is scheduled for next Thursday. All in preparation for Hawaii on September 2.

Fight On!

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The Boys of Fall are Rolling

Four practices in, many more to go.

Each practice has run nearly three-hours, and everyone with the program is starting to feel the exhaustion, both physically and mentally.

Sunday marks our first scrimmage of Fall Camp, and we are ready to go!

Not much else to report from our end, except that we are rolling. And it’s a great time to be a Trojan!

Again, stay tuned for upcoming Jimoke Bios. They are in the process of being completed…

Fight On!

But wait…

I want to leave you with a memorable song, just released by country music star, Kenny Chesney. Here is “The Boys of Fall.” If this doesn’t get you hyped for football and our culture, I’m not really sure what does.

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Back at SC. And Fall Camp 2010 begins…

The Jimokes have settled into the dorms on campus, a mere 100 yards away from Howard Jones practice field.

We all ventured back to USC on Monday, from across the world. Miami. Connecticut, Southern California, everywhere.

Upon arriving, we immediately went out to the practice field to prepare the field for the coming months. It’s definitely time for football.

And we are just about to head out to the field once more today to put on the final, finishing touches for our preparation.

Practice officially begins Wednesday, and will run through the beginning of school.

I will be blogging throughout camp, so make sure you stay tuned. Pictures, videos and words from the heart of the USC football program.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are ready for another fantastic season. We hope you can join us in our quest for a (conference) championship!

Fight On!

p.s. One of our 1st-year Jimokes, Sean Bell, has also started up in the blogging world. His blog is here, and will also talk about his experience with the program. Stay tuned!

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Summer is rolling. So are the Trojans

The Jimokes have been out of school for the past month. Our 12-man staff is off traveling the world, visiting family, working great internships and much more.

Various managers have been coming down to campus during this month for USC’s annual string of summer camps.

The camps, called Camp Kiffin, are used to have high school players get coached under USC’s excellent coaches, allow local teams compete on 7 on 7 tournaments against each other and create a learning environment for little, little kids.

It’s a great experience for all of us.

The Trojan coaching staff will be busy with camps during the next week, and on to recruiting and 2010 team scouting until July.

July will be a very slow month in the football offices, with the coaches on vacation and such before the onslaught begins again.

The Trojans open Fall Camp in the first week of August and will not slow down until the season ends.

And although the season may end earlier than usual, you can expect one thing from us: to continue to Fight On!

We aren’t Trojans for nothing.

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Spring Ball going quickly…

Wow, life sure goes by quickly with football running your life. I guess it’s true when they say, “Life goes by fast when you’re having fun.”

Well, we are already at our 12th practice–of 15–today. Today brings another short practice combined with a decently-sized scrimmage.

The past two scrimmages have provided some memorable moments. Two weeks ago, Da’John Harris stripped Mitch Mustain and hustled 55 yards down the field. And then Dillon Baxter weaved his way into the endzone, creating a YouTube sensation and ringing up memories of Reggie Bush against Fresno State. By the way, that YouTube video is nearly up to two million hits.

And last week, we heard–not saw–of a Kyle Prater one-handed grab and run for a 40-yard score. (NOTE: we saw the play, but no video was posted…and yes, it was magical)

What will today’s scrimmage bring? Who knows, but one thing is for sure.

Tailback Allen Bradford doing the "stiff arm"

The Trojans are coming out for every play during every drill at every practice this Spring.

Following today’s practice, there will be two more “regular” two-and-a-half-hour practices and the annual Trojan Huddle on May 1.

It’s an exciting time to be a Trojan. (Other than the fact no Trojans were selected in the 1st round of the NFL Drat.)

But that’s a story for another time.

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